Access Point

Maxidix Hotspot will turn your computer with WI-FI adapter into a real Access Point. Host infrastructure network (not ad hoc) in one click.


Maxidix Hotspot supports dual-mode: host infrastructure WI-FI network and connect to any other WI-FI network simultaneously, using a single WI-FI adapter.

Share Internet

Share Internet via your hotspot from any network connection available: Mobile connection (GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G), Bluetooth, LAN, Dialup or even other WI-FI network (thanks to dual-mode).

Track hotspot clients

Keep track of connected devices in real time. Limit the maximum number of devices which can connect to your hotspot.

Save money

Do you have more than one device? Save money on paid Internet spots. Connect your computer and share Internet to any number of your devices.

Hosted automatically

Setup your hotspot parameters once, and forget about manual starting each time your computer turned on.

Boost weak signal

Maxidix HotSpot allows you to use your computer as a repeater also. Place one computer closer to the weak signal, start your own hotspot and connect other devices to it.



Latest Version (version history)

File Size
4.0 MB

Supported OS
Windows 8/7/2012 (32&64-bit)

Release Date
September 22, 2014


IP Switcher Wifi Autoconnection Hotspot Wifi Suite
Automatic Connections
Ad hoc Connections
Wifi Hot Spot
IP Profiles
Import & Export of Wifi Profiles
Network Statistics & Signal Analysis
Network Monitor



Single license for up to 3 PCs

1 year of free upgrades


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