The Auto Login for websites is an additional function of the Password Angel, which saves you from the necessity of manually entering the login and password in the web forms of the browser, when you need to sign in to a website with authentication.

Using this function will enable you to shorten the amount of time signing in to websites and decrease the number of potential login errors, and at the same time it will protect the data from keyloggers.


For example, you need to sign in to your favorite email server. You created password information for it beforehand, and indicated in its URL field the link for the required website. After that it will be enough just to choose the password token in the Password Angel list and press the Shift + Ctrl + V. The program will download the login web page in your browser, set the required data into the login/password fields, and will even press the “Sign in” button for you. No need in tiresome consecutive copying and pasting of login and password in the required website fields.


The Password Angel browser extension is needed for proper functioning of the Auto Login feature. It is connected with the fact that modern browsers are isolated from external applications, each website is run in its own security environment. Browser extension works in the website context and it can tamper with the contents of the site.

How does it work

Auto Login works in the following way:

  1. Password Angel program sends your browser a specific URL that is intercepted by our browser extension. If the browser extension has not been installed yet, the browser will offer you to do it from our site at the first Auto Login activation.
  2. The browser extension is inquiring for the secret information (login, password, website and other data required for the Auto Login) from Password Angel program within a limited period of time.
  3. After receiving the data, the browser extension performs an analysis of the website if necessary, and fills in the login/password fields. Then Auto Login is activated if it was inquired.


Security is guaranteed by the fact that while exchanging the information between the browser and the Password Angel program, your secret data do not leave the scope of your computer. The browser extension does not save your login and password anywhere and never imparts them to the Internet. It only pastes them in the page and immediately finishes the connection session with the program. Your regular account data are there only during the Auto Login running (about 5 seconds). Neither the Password Angel program nor our server captures any statistic data from the sites you visited.

Website database

In order to enhance reliability of Auto Login, Password Angel supports the database of the most popular websites and servers, such as Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, etc. In this database all the needed settings of Auto Login are saved. If your site was found in this database, we recommend you to use Auto Login settings from the database (radio button “Use settings from the web services database” on the “AutoLogin” tab).

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